In the Media

Legal Futures 31 August 2022: Mayson: LSB’s ongoing competence push is “mission impossible”

Legal Futures 12 August 2022: Estate planning ‘agitator’ aims to disrupt sector

CILEX Journal Summer 2022: A fig leaf of protection

Legal Futures 14 June 2022: Unregulated providers growing share of consumer and SME markets

The Times 28 April 2022: Law’s regulatory framework is an emperor wearing few clothes

Legal Futures 22 April 2022: Mayson: Legal regulation failing to prevent consumer harm

Joshua Rozenberg A Lawyer Writes 21 April 2022: Promoting legal well-being

Law Society Gazette 21 April 2022: Latest Mayson report calls for extension of regulation

Jayne Reardon, American Bar Association 13 August 2021: As lawyers, we must further the public interest

Legal Futures 6 August 2021: BigLaw business model “not sustainable”, says Mayson

Legal Futures 8 June 2021: Plans for single register of all regulated and unregulated legal providers

Legal Futures 21 April 2021: Mayson hits out at report on impact of Legal Services Act

Ministry of Justice 28 January 2021: Expert and Advisory Panel for the Independent Review of Criminal Legal Aid

Law Society Gazette 21 December 2020: Three predictions for 2021

Legal Futures 18 December 2020: Muted response to CMA report but some support for activity-based regulation

Legal Futures 17 December 2020:  CMA urges review of legal services regulation

Legal Futures 14 October 2020: Legal Ombudsman urges CMA to extend reach to unregulated providers

Legal Futures 8 October 2020: The inherent dilemma of the in-house lawyer

Legal Futures 1 October 2020: Company lawyers open to idea of regulating in-house departments

Legal Futures 29 September 2020: Company lawyers open to idea of regulating in-house departments

Legal Futures 16 September 2020: Government eyes regulating the law’s unregulated providers

Legal Futures 9 September 2020: CMA unveils progress review of competition in legal market

The Times 23 July 2020: Law Society’s blind opposition to reform must be resisted

New Law Journal 3 July 2020: Time for change

The Times 25 June 2020: Self-importance is preventing legal services reform

Law Society Gazette 17 June 2020: Should the unregulated be brought inside the tent?

Legal Futures 11 June 2020: Mayson calls for single regulator of all legal services

The Times 11 June 2020: One watchdog to rule them all: a way out of legal maze

The Times 11 April 2020: Magic runs out at City law firms as partners set to suffer pay cuts

Legal Futures 28 February 2020: Activity-based regulation not a radical step

Modern Law Magazine January 2020: Re-thinking legal services regulation for the world of modern law

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Journal December 2019: Re-thinking legal services regulation

The Times 19 September 2019: Watchdogs watched

Association of Costs Lawyers 19 September 2019: Review envisages future where all legal services – including costs work – are regulated

The Times 18 September 2019 (£): Call for beefed-up legal regulation to protect clients

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland 18 September 2019: Further regulation reform needed in England & Wales, interim report finds

Solicitors Journal 17 September 2019: Legal services regulation dubbed inflexible in interim report thanks

Local Government Lawyer 17 September 2019: Regulatory structure for legal services “will struggle to meet demands placed on it”: independent report

Law Society Gazette 17 September 2019: Report on legal services regulation presents case for further reform

Legal Futures 17 September 2019: Review: regulate all legal services but at different levels

Legal Futures 7 June 2019: Mayson spells out hard choices in reforming legal regulation

The Times 30 May 2019: Trainees chase American dream

The Times 4 April 2019: Big Four have eyes on the law

Legal Futures 28 February 2019: Keen: ‘Room to review’ legal regulation regime

Legal Futures 3 October 2018: Neuberger and Grieve join legal regulation review

Legal Futures 12 July 2018: Mayson to lead review of legal regulation

The Times 12 July 2018: Legal review

University College London 12 July 2018: Regulatory framework review

The Times 16 February 2017: What caused KWM’s collapse?

Legal Futures 12 September 2016: Revolutionary road

Legal Futures 2 June 2016: Some in-house lawyers find their ethics ‘under pressure’

Legal Futures 25 May 2016: Focusing regulation on risk

Legal Futures 25 February 2016: Competition in the legal market and a government ready to act

Law Society Gazette 22 February 2016: Interview

The Times (The Brief online) 8 January 2016: Comment – ‘Sweet 16: cakes, deckchairs and running fast’

Legal Futures 29 September 2015: Mayson: disconnect between lawyers and clients over purchase of legal services

The Times 24 September 2015: Hard sell (£)

Legal Futures 27 July 2015: Compelling case for reform of regulation

Legal Futures 18 June 2015: LSB chief executive cools talk of a single regulator

Legal Futures 30 April 2015: Mayson: updated Legal Services Act needed to ‘finish the job’

Legal Futures 2 December 2014: Client or consumer? We need a new label, says Mayson

Legal Compliance Bulletin November 2014 (Issue No. 34, pp. 7-9): The future for legal services regulation (£)

The Partner November 2014 (Issue No. 13, pp. 36-41): Stress-testing your firm’s strategy (or download here)

Legal Futures 10 October 2014: Regulators to develop legislative options beyond the LSA

Lexis®PSL Practice Management 10 September 2014: The evolution of paralegals (£)

Legal Futures 9 September 2014: Legal Services Act heading for knacker’s yard

Managing Partner 4 September 2014: ‘Where were the lawyers in the financial crisis?’, asks Stephen Mayson

Legal Futures 16 May 2014: Legal Services Board calls on Mayson

The Partner March 2014, Issue No. 1, pp. 32-33 (interview): An Independent Mind

Voice of Russia UK 22 January 2014 (radio debate): Legal aid cuts – a miscarriage of justice?

Legal Futures 13 January 2014: Mayson moves on

Legal Futures 16 October 2013: Mayson attacks market in ‘spurious claims’ and urges focus on value

Legal Futures 27 September 2013: Mayson publishes blueprint for reformed legal regulation framework

Legal Futures 5 April 2013: Law firm ABS aims to take on new entrants in their own backyards

Legal Futures 11 March 2013: DAS buys law firm as it bids to build major consumer brand

Modern Law Magazine March 2013: Interview

Legal Futures 20 December 2012: Mayson warns regulators against denying ABS licences over access to justice fears

Legal Futures 19 October 2012: Streamlined and quicker ABS licensing process on the way

Birmingham Post 20 September 2012: Legal revolution is ‘good for business’

Legal Procurement Conference 17 September 2012 (video): New entrants into the legal services market

Legal Procurement Conference 17 September 2012 (video): Impact of changes in the legal services market

LawTechCamp London 2012 29 June 2012 (video): New markets for legal services

Legal Futures 23 May 2012: Law Society backs alternative routes to qualification as Mayson airs fears over direction of LETR

The Times 1 March 2012: Financial aftershocks hit ‘magic circle’

BBC TV News 24: 20 February 2012: ABS and announcement of Riverview Law

BBC Radio 5 Live: Wake up to Money 20 February 2012: ABS and announcement of Riverview Law

New York Times 28 October 2011: Selling pieces of law firms to investors

The Times 8 September 2011: Will ‘eat what you kill’ replace lockstep?

Legal Business July/August 2011: LB100 Mergers: answers on a postcard

Title Research 14 July 2011 (interview): Reserving wills and probate

BBC Radio 4 Law in Action 21 June 2011: The new business of law

Financial Times 27 March 2011: Co-op to offer legal services after Big Bang

The Times 24 March 2011: Is there work for so many solicitors?

College of Law Media 15 March 2011 (video): The Undergraduate Modern Lawyer – The world of modern law

The Times 8 March 2011: More than 100 new law offices sign up to QualitySolicitors brand name

The Law Society Gazette 17 February 2011: Where should reserved legal activities apply?

The Times 10 February 2011: Are lawyers’ monopolies set to grow?

Birmingham Law Society December 2010 (video): Alternative business structures (an introduction)

Law Society breakfast September 2010 (video): Facing the future – major disruptive forces

Briefing on Legal Services Reform September 2010 (interview): Tomorrow’s world

The Times 26 August 2010: Why conveyancing but not will writing?

The Times 29 July 2010: Financial results: how do you judge which law firms are out in front?

The Times 20 May 2010: Law firms take up the supermarket challenge

The Times 2 July 2009: Clifford Chance profits slump as clients are hit by financial crisis

The Times 21 May 2009: Shake-out means trouble ahead

BBC Radio 4 Law in Action 27 January 2009: A world without lawyers?

The Times 21 March 2007: Legal shake-up ‘will put 3,000 firms out of business’

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